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German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) | China’s High-Speed Rail Development

Publisher: The World Bank

Publication Date: 06/2019

Pages: 101

Categories: Industry Sectors

PDF: Download

“The report covers a broad range of why, what, and how questions. Since 2008, China has put into operation a high-speed rail network that is larger than all the high-speed networks in the rest of the world put together. This rapid growth makes China worth studying from the ‘how’ perspective: What planning processes, capacity development, business structures, and construction modalities enabled this rapid growth? China’s traffic has grown to 1.7 billion passenger trips per year. In an era when many railways face declining patronage, what price and service characteristics make high-speed rail attractive to this large number of passengers? China was the first middle-income country to develop a high-speed railway network and to price the service so that people of all income levels use high-speed rail. Why can China price high-speed rail services affordably and still maintain financial and economic viability?.”

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